Plaza Development PartnersPLAZA DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS takes its role in community development seriously, partnering with other businesses to create and undertake projects that serve the city and its residents. Our legacy is the beauty, quality, usefulness and practicality of our enterprises. We have a simple – but not simplistic – approach to development. For each project, we create a custom team of partners, basing our teams on the specific needs of each community.

On any individual project, our partners might be a brokerage firm or appraisal group, home builders, general contractors or other landowners or developers, depending on what is needed. (See additional materials at the back of this brochure for details about some of the partner companies that have frequently done business with Plaza Development Partners.)


WE ALSO TAKE SERIOUSLY our partnership with government, special community groups and city residents, striving to create projects that serve the needs of all.

Plaza Development PartnersFor example, Plaza Development Partners and the city of Oxnard came together to package the Centennial Plaza project in downtown Oxnard in such a way that made it possible for financing. We worked closely with government and professional planners to envision the redevelopment of the central business district, which is a cornerstone of our efforts to revitalize the Downtown Oxnard Business District.

RiverPark has been a joint government/private plan from the beginning. We invited the city of Oxnard, Ventura County, environmental groups, the school district and other stakeholders to help us plan the development. As a consequence of our weekly meetings and collaboration with others, RiverPark was planned by many different groups, incorporating their disparate needs and desires, and had a smooth approval process along the way. Its ultimate success is widely anticipated because of this shared purpose.

For example, in RiverPark, we have ensured that abandoned sand and gravel mines will be reused by a local water conservation district. It makes good sense that rather than fill them, we reuse these areas instead as groundwater recharging basins to help retain water that flows down the Santa Clara River.

And when Rio Elementary School District asked us to not only donate the land but pay $47 million to build and equip three schools that will serve the new residents in RiverPark, we said “Yes.” It makes good sense to provide schools ahead of time for the families that will live in the 2,800 homes we build, rather than bus students elsewhere, house children in portable classrooms or wait years for voter approval of state and local construction bonds. We need the schools now, so we will build them now.

We worked with city and county officials to make sure the extra traffic generated by RiverPark will be accommodated by a new freeway interchange and by a widened Santa Clara River Bridge that connects Oxnard and Ventura. And RiverPark partners have agreed to spend an additional $50 million in upfront costs for off-site roads, storm drains, and relocation of a county maintenance yard and to construct a new joint city-county fire station.

We have also set aside 15% of the housing at RiverPark for low-income families.